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Summer Jobs in Wisconsin DellsWisconsin Dells is a small city in south central Wisconsin which comes alive during the summer months. It has been a popular tourist destination since the late 1800's and is home to multiple water parks, all kinds of amusement activities and the beautiful Dells.

Summer jobs in Wisconsin Dells are focused on the tourist industry and are usually customer service positions. There are many different jobs available between the beginning of summer in June and late September. Wisconsin dells jobs attract applicants from all over the world as it is an extremely fun part of the US to work and gives individuals the opportunity to experience what it is like to live and work in the United States.

Most summer employers in the Dells will hire summer staff on a short term contract which will usually include a weekly wage and in some cases accommodation. There are all kinds of options when you are considering a Wisconsin Dells summer job and below are a few ideas.

Summer Jobs in Wisconsin Dells Water parks - Wisconsin Dells is home to several different water parks and also has numerous resorts and hotels which have their own water parks on their property. Each year these various water parks and resorts employ staff members to fill a variety of positions, these include lifeguards, customer service staff, bar and waitress staff, security personnel and tickets attendants. The biggest and most well known water Park in Wisconsin Dells is Noah's Ark.

Noahs Ark Summer JobsThis water park is a fun place to work, each summer they employ numerous lifeguards to work on the various water slides and rides. To apply for one of these Noah's Ark lifeguard jobs you must be a fully qualified lifeguard and meet the requirement s the water parks has for staff members. Each year international staff members come to Wisconsin and at this water park as part of an exchange program. This type of summer job is a fun position but remember you are not running around playing in the water park but rather just sat there watching everyone else have a good time. There are a number of perks however such as getting free admission when you are not working and also discounted admission tickets for family and friends. In addition to working as a lifeguard you can also work in one of the other support positions which the park needs to staff each summer.

In addition to the regular outdoor water parks there are also numerous resorts which offer accommodation and have their own water parks for their guests to enjoy. One of the most popular resorts is the Kalahari resort, this property has an indoor and outdoor water park plus all kinds of other amenities. They employ a small army of staff to fill all of the summer jobs they have on offer and again have a wide selection of opportunities available. Glacier Canyon and Chula Vista Resort are other major destinations which offer Wisconsin Dells summer jobs and are popular options for seasonal workers looking to spend the summer months working in this destination.

Away from the resorts and water parks you will find a small downtown area which is centered around Broadway. Here you have all kinds of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. This is another great option for anyone looking to land a summer job in Wisconsin Dells. Some of the busiest places to land a bar or restaurant job include - River's Edge Pub & Grub, The Reef at Marley's and Mama's Garage. All of these establishments are busy during the pea summer months with tourists looking to relax and have a good time after a fun day at the water park or exploring other parts of Wisconsin Dells.

Wisconsin Dells may be a fun place to explore but it is not the easiest of location to get to. The best way to get there is via car or one of the busses that run from the city of Milwaukee. The Dells are located just over 100 miles from the city of Milwaukee and about 50 miles north of Madison. If you are traveling internationally to the area for one of the summer jobs in the Wisconsin Dells then the best option is to fly into either Milwaukee or even Chicago and then travel over to the Dells from there.

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