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Are you looking for an opportunity to travel and make a difference in the world? Well if so volunteer abroad programs offer a great way for you to make a difference in the world and have a fantastic experience at the same time. There are all kinds of different programs available including community, wildlife, education and health care programs.

Most volunteer abroad opportunities involve the volunteers paying a fee to take part in the program often these volunteers will then be offered free or discounted accommodation and meals as part of their stay. Programs can run in length from a few weeks to a number of months. Many people choose each year to take the opportunity and run volunteer vacations, were they will visit a program each year and help with the development over the years.

Not only do volunteer programs provide individuals with the opportunity to make a difference in the world and enjoy a fantastic experience but they also help with improving credentials when applying for a regular job in the future. We would highly recommend looking into a volunteer work project and study abroad options if you are interested in traveling to one of the many amazing locations that are out there. These cross cultural solutions help many countries develop their infrastructure and have a huge impact on the daily life of people in various communities around the world.

Check out these featured Volunteer programs....

Projects Abroad, Global - Projects Abroad is the leading volunteer abroad organization. We offer a diverse range of international service projects, plus the opportunity to become part of one of our volunteer communities abroad. Our continuous presence overseas and unparalleled in-country support from our international staff ensure that your experience will be far more worthwhile and genuine than those of the average tourist.....MORE >>>

OTEC, Central America - OTEC has been in operation since 1980 and offers volunteer programs in Costa Rica and other locations in Central America. We work closely with many organizations to help create the volunteer projects that we currently have in place. If you would like to find out more about these programs please visit our website.....MORE >>>

Global Volunteer Projects , Global - Global volunteer projects has opportunities around the world for individuals looking to take part in volunteer projects. Our projects offer you the experience of a lifetime and the chance to make an impact and help out with community and environmental issues that are a serious problem......MORE >>>

Uvolunteer, Global - uVolunteer is run by former-volunteers for volunteers, and is built on the principle that volunteer community service programs abroad should be affordable and accessible to all. If you are interested in taking part in a volunteer program and want to make a difference in the world then an opportunity with Uvolunteer is exactly what you need. Visit our site today and find our more about our amazing opportunities.....MORE >>>

GVI, Global - Global Vision International (GVI) runs responsible volunteering programs in over 40 countries around the world. We offer volunteers the chance for a hands-on experience by personally contributing to important conservation initiatives and community projects. Volunteer programs run from one week to 2 years.....MORE >>>

Raleigh International, Global - Raleigh International is a name that is recognized throughout the world as a leader in volunteer projects and community development opportunities. With programs running in almost every possible place you can think of Raleigh is sure to offer the perfect volunteer position for you and an experience of a lifetime.....MORE >>>

Cross-cultural Solutions , Global - Our volunteer programs are unique in every way. Our global infrastructure supports thousands of international volunteers each year and over 250 sustainable community initiatives. More than 250 CCS in-country staff members are working year-round, ensuring that you are volunteering with a project that interests you and is contributing directly to the goals of each community.....MORE >>>

Worldwide Experience, Global - WORLDWIDE EXPERIENCE allows you to work with animals while contributing to global conservation and community programs. Specializing in Conservation Projects in South Africa, we now see the need for your help across the globe. Make your GAP YEAR, CAREER BREAK or SUMMER HOLIDAY a life-changing experience for yourself and those that you will help.....MORE >>>

American Conservation Experience, USA - American Conservation Experience is a non-profit conservation corps offering opportunities for both American and International volunteers to take part in challenging outdoor projects in many of the most beautiful National Parks, National Forests and wilderness areas in the Western United States....MORE >>>


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