Jobs Working Abroad in Valencia, Spain

Work Abroad in Valencia, SpainWhen considering options to work abroad in Spain then Valencia no be the first destination that pops into your head. Valencia has long been in the shadow of more well known cities such as Madrid and Barcelona but Spain's third largest city has become a popular spot over the last decade and in many ways has surpassed its more well know rival cities in many areas that people consider desirable when researching work abroad opportunities.

Located on the eastern coast of the country, just a few hours south of Barcelona, Valencia has a thriving city center with lots of fun bars, restaurants and museums to explore. The old town area is a wonderful part of the city and offers some amazing architecture for individuals who enjoy exploring and marveling at the old buildings many parts of europe has to offer. In addition to all of this it is actually the place where paella originates and is home to many famous festivals including the La Tomatina, you know the one were people run around the streets throwing tomato's at each other, you must have seen the pictures!

Work Abroad in Valencia - What opportunities are there?

When people talk about working abroad in Spain the first thing that pops into their heads is, yes, I will teach English! The truth is that this really is a popular option and one of the best ways to live and work in Valencia or any other part of Spain. It may not be original but it certainly is a great option and there is always lots of language schools and private schools looking reliable instructors. To find out more about getting qualified for this kind of work we would recommend checking out the following section - TEFL Certification.

Some of the popular language schools looking for individuals to help teach English in Valencia include the following:-

American Accent English School - This is a private language school which has been in operation since 2010. The business has around 150 students attending and offers classes for children and adults. This organization offers a range of different positions some full-time and others which are part-time. For more specific details email -

English Tower - Located in the city center, English Tower operates two modern locations for students looking to develop their English language skills. They offer classes throughout the year and are always looking for talented individuals to help deliver classes. For more details on positions which may currently be open email - administrací

Au Pair Jobs in Valencia

Another option if you like kids but don't fancy the prospect of actually having to teach is to look for work as an au pair. Opportunities are available all over the word for au pairs and Valencia is no exception Each year numerous individuals from all over the world travel to work in Valencia helping out as au pairs for families who have a hectic schedule and need a little extra help with their children.

Typically in this position you will work 5 or 6 days a week and then be able to relax and enjoy the city on your days off. You will live in the family home and will normally be made to feel very welcome and part of the family. Often host families will plan all kinds of different trips and activities to show you around this wonderful part of the world. Working as an au pair in Valencia is also a very good way to get to know people. Families will be able to introduce you to their friends and possibly other au pairs who you can become friends with and enjoy time together socializing when you are not working.

Other Work Abroad Opportunities in Valencia

In a city like Valencia there really are all kinds of different work opportunities, if you are traveling from overseas you will need to make sure you have applied for a visa to work in Spain and that it has been approved, click on the following link to find out more about temporary work abroad programs.

Once you have been approved then you can look at whatever interests you, maybe you would like to work in one of the many fun bars or restaurants which are located in the city. Maybe you would like to find a retail job in Valencia or look to find some professional career of internship, the choice is yours.

Fun Things to do while living in Valencia

Plan a fun party weekend in the capital of clubbing - Ibiza! From Valencia you can take the overnight ferry to the island of Ibiza and spend the weekend having a wild time in the various bars and world famous clubs which are located on the island.

Festival time! Be sure to attend one of the various festivals which are held in the city each year. The 'Nit Del Froc' or night of fire is a festival which sees various fires set all over the city and a dramatic fireworks display at the end of the night. The city also host the famous tomato festival - La tomatina, you know the one you have seen the picture of....yes thousands of people running around the streets throwing tomatoes at each other!

Enjoy the city! Valencia is becoming the hip place to live in Spain and the city center is a fun area with lots of trendy bars, restaurants and cafes to enjoy!

While in Spain you must visit the Mestalla stadium and take in a soccer game! The local team, Valencia, are a well ranked team in the top division and it is a fun experience catching a game here, especially if Real Madrid or Barcelona are in town!

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