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Summer Resort Jobs SpainEach year the coastal areas of Spain get invaded by people from all over the world who are drawn there for the beautiful beaches and charm of the many fantastic resorts located in the Country. Tourism is a huge business in Spain and the various resorts that attract visitors always need reliable employees to fill the various summer jobs Spain has to offer. There are a number of different options for anyone that is looking to work in in this fantastic country. This section focuses primarily on the resort jobs Spain offers each year.

The most popular resorts in Spain are located south of Barcelona all the way down the coast to where the country meets Portugal. Most of the tourists visiting these resorts come from inland areas of Spain as well as many other european countries, especially from Britain and Germany.

Working in a resort in Spain certainly can be a great amount of fun but it certainly isn't all fun and games! Resort work is often hard work and long hours for little pay! There is a whole host of different jobs offered in resorts, some require extensive qualifications and experience some are more entry level and require nothing more than the ability to work hard and follow instructions.

Most companies offering jobs in resorts will start the application process in the winter months of January/February, after a series of interviews job offers will be made and the successful applicants will start training ready for their summer assignments.

The great thing about spain is that there are a variety of resorts offering all kinds of different options for guests, so if you want to work in a sleepy little resort which is not overly populated then that is an option and if you would be more interested in working in a none stop all night party resort then that is also available in Spain.

Summer Resorts Jobs in Spain

Mallorca / Majorca - Is one of the main Islands located off the eastern side of the country. It is an extremely popular tourist destination, especially with travelers from other countries within europe.

Benidorm - Benidorm is located just south of Barcelona and is known for its non-stop action, The resort jobs offered in Benidorm include bar jobs, child care positions, resort rep jobs and many other customer service positions.

Marbella - Located in southern Spain Marbella is a popular summer destination attracting visitors from all over the world. Recognized as an exclusive resort, Marbella offers high end bars, restaurants and shopping.

Ibiza - Recognized around the world as a premier party destination, this little island is packed each summer with a fun loving, young party crowd eager to have the best summer of their lives. Apply early if you are set on spending you summer working in Ibiza as this is a popular destination for many season workers.

Tenerife - The largest of the severn Canary Island, Tenerife is a popular tourist destination year round and is particularly busy during the summer months.

Lanzarote - Lanzarote is always a popular destination among seasonal workers. The island has several different resorts all offering a variety of summer jobs to apply for.

Gran Canaria - Known as the round island, Gran Canaria is the third largest of the Canary Island and attracts thousands of season workers each summer.

Fuerteventura - This popular Canary Island is a favorite among summer season workers and it is easy to understand why. Offering a variety of different resorts, wonderful weather and many unspoiled beaches it is a great place to apply for a summer beach resort job.

For the latest information on the best summer jobs Spain has available be sure to check back on a regular basis and search all of the latest summer jobs on our Job Board.

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