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Each year all around the world students take a break from their studies during the winter months and look for opportunities to re-charge and prepare themselves for the next year of studies. During this time many students decide to stay at home and find work with a local employer in a basic part time jobs, others try to find work experience with a company related to their chosen field of study, then there are many others that look into the options of summer jobs abroad for students. Those that do look to find work abroad often have a wonderful experience and not only earn some extra money during the summer months but have an experience of a lifetime and learn all kinds of different life skills which will help them in the future.

When it comes to looking into the different student summer jobs abroad that are available, the list is pretty much endless. You can look to go and spend some time working with a volunteer organization, help at a children's camp, teach English or work at popular summer tourist destinations. here are some ideas that may interest you if you are currently a student considering a summer job abroad.

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Work at a Summer Camp - Although summer camps are generally recognized as primarily a US tradition, these days you can find different types of summer camps operating children's programs in all kinds of countries. If you enjoy working with children and have an energetic personality then traveling overseas and working at a children's summer camp may be the perfect summer job for you. Most camps require that you work 6 - 8 weeks and then you have some spare time at the end of your job to spend exploring and traveling in the country you have been working in. If this is something you would be interested in then you will want to contact a summer camp organization and apply directly with them. These summer camp organization act as a kind of middle person between the summer camp employer and the student looking for a summer job.

Work on a Cruise Ship - If you like to travel and would like to wake up each day in a different county then how about taking a break from your student life this summer and embarking on a summer job working on a cruise ship! Most cruise ships offer short term contracts and during the summer months when they have increased numbers of customers they need to employ additional staff members. These opportunities are generally ideal summer jobs for college students and can be a fantastic way to travel around and work abroad during your summer break from college.

Summer Resort Jobs - During the months of June, July and August many beach resorts and other summer resorts around the world attract visitors looking to relax and have a good time on their summer break. These dates fit in perfectly with most summer breaks for college students which means there is a perfect opportunity for a short term job in one of these resorts. Beach resorts can provide summer jobs abroad for students and offer all kinds of positions based around the tourist industry, these include customer service positions, administrative positions, service industry jobs, sales positions and marketing jobs.

Volunteer Programs Abroad - Another great opportunity offering student summer jobs abroad is that of a volunteer program. Although these types of jobs don't generally offer any financial reward in terms of pay what they do offer is the chance of a lifetime to experience and be a part of some amazing cultural, environmental and economic projects in less developed countries. You will also learn many skills which will enhance your chances of being employed once you have graduated college. Many volunteer programs will run from a week or two up to a month and usually require that you pay to participate.

Work Abroad Programs for Students

If you are serious about researching student summer jobs abroad then you need to be fully aware of employment laws and understand that you can't just hop on a plane to another country and find a job. Some employers may be willing to offer you a position without the required paperwork but this can be risky and if you are caught then you could be deported from that country and not be eligible to return. There are however a number of organizations that specialize in helping college students who are looking for jobs abroad. These organizations are familiar with the laws of different countries and are also aware of the many programs certain countries offer specifically for students looking for summer jobs abroad.

Here are some of the main organizations...

Bunac is a non profit making organization which organizes work and travel programs for students and young people around the world. It is a global organization and can arrange work visas for summer work abroad or for longer term trips.

Alliances Abroad offers study and work programs around the world, like other organizations there are certain restrictions. If you qualify Alliances Abroad can organize trips from two weeks to twelve months.

The Council on International Educational Exchange has been established since 1947 and helps young people take part in a variety of exchange programs around the globe. Programs can involve a year working abroad in a big city or exchange programs to less developed locations. CIEE definitely has plenty of programs to suit everyone’s choice.

Camp Counselors USA organizes work exchange programs around the world. Although the name may suggest this organization is limited to the USA it actually also organizes programs in Australia, New Zealand and Russia plus many more locations.

Work OZ is a company based in the UK and Australia which is operated by ex-Australian High Commission Government Staff, since 1999. The company helps 18-30 year olds obtain legal work visas to visit and work in Australia.

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