Chalet Jobs in ski resorts

Winter season ski chalet jobsChalet host is certainly one of the most popular and sort after positions of any jobs available in a ski resort. The position can involve a lot of long hours and is hard work but is certainly one of the most rewarding jobs you will find in any winter resort.

For many seasoned resort workers chalet jobs in ski resorts are the only position they will consider and are a great deal of fun. Normally you will work on either your own, as a couple or as a small team depending on the size of the chalet and the number of guests you will be hosting.

All major ski resorts in Europe have chalets and the large tour operators offer chalet trips to their clients for the entire season from early December until April. Typical as a chalet host you will entertain guests for a duration of between 5 days to 2 weeks and as we mentioned early the work you are required to do in a chalet job can be tiring and involve long hours but is extremely rewarding and you have to opportunity to meet some fantastic people.

Responsibilities associated with chalet host jobs

As a Chalet host in a ski resort you will be responsible for basically creating a home away from home for the guests that you will entertain. This will include preparing all meals, typically you will prepare three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and an evening meal). You will also be responsible for housekeeping duties which means cleaning the chalet for your guests so that the property is clean and tidy throughout the stay.

In addition to your duties as housekeeper and chef to you guest you will also be expected to help with any queries or questions clients may have to ensure they have a pleasant stay whilst in the resort.

You will also be required to manage the budget of the chalet and prepare a varied menu that you must manage in terms of purchasing supplies and balancing the books.

Chalet JobsQualifications required for ski chalet jobs

Although no formal catering qualifications are required to be a chalet host, it is essential that you are able to prepare a menu of three meals a day which is varied and appetizing. You must have great customer service skills to ensure each client that visits has an enjoyable time and feels welcome and at home.

In addition to these general skills you must have a basic grasp of the language for the country you are working in, be able to manage and perform administrative tasks and have a basic understanding of computer programs such as Word and Excel.

Where can I work as a chalet host?

Catered chalet vacations have been common place in europe for many years. All of the ski resorts in France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy offer chalet trips to their clients. This is a relatively new option for ski resorts in other countries but many resorts in Canada and USA are starting to offer this option to provide a home away from home for their clients whilst on their winter vacation.

Chalet jobs for couples

Are you looking for a fun winter season opportunity for you and your partner? If so then working as a couple in a chalet can be a great opportunity. You can both share the responsibilites and work together to entertain guests and make them feel at home. If you are a couple that loves to entertain, then this could be the perfect positions, it may also be a great test of your relationship! Many companies do offer chalet jobs for couples and see it as a great way of creating the perfect home away from home environment.

What they Say...

"I worked a season as a chalet host in France and it was a fantastic experience were I was able to meet so many great people. The guest I hosted were extremely grateful for all the hard work I put in and some of them I still keep in touch with today! Yes the hours are long and the work can be tiring but it really is a great way to spend a winter season."

"Hard work and long hours! Yes that is what a chalet job is but I wouldn't want to do any other job in a ski resort! The experiences I have had working 3 seasons (1 in Austria and 2 in France). Have been fantastic. Piece of advice, make sure you are prepared and plan out each week then things will run smoothly, if you try to wing things it will be a nightmare!"

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