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jobs roatan hondurasThe tiny island of Roatan is part of the Bay islands and is located just off the coast of Honduras.

Roatan is only about 4 miles wide and 30 miles long but it is a fantastic destination with amazing beaches, a laid back life style and some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling you will find anywhere in the world.

Most of the visitors who travel to the island stay in either the West End or the West Bay. Both areas are very close together on the island but offer a totally different environment. The West End is very popular with the many backpackers that make it to the island and you will find comfortable but budget accommodation options, cheap places to eat and a large mix of ex-pats and backpackers from all over the world.

If you travel down the coast a little to the West Bay you will find quite a different environment with many tourists enjoying their time staying in luxury resorts like the Infinity Bay. Here the cost of living is significantly more, with higher prices being charged for accommodation, food, drinks and everything else.

There are many other places to visit on this small island but most of the travelers converge on this part of the island which is only a 15 minute taxi ride from the airport located to the north.

Jobs in Roatan, Honduras

If you are considering spending an extended time on the island and want to know what your options are when it comes to work then you basically have a few different options. Either get involved with a scuba diving shop or work in one of the various bars, restaurants or hotels

Scuba is huge in Roatan and in the West End and West Bay you will find numerous dive shops offering a variety of Padi Scuba diving courses. The instructors working in these dive shops come from all over the world, Italy, Australia, Canada, England, you name it! They will typically work 6 days a week with one day a week off and be responsible for teaching scuba diving courses and also accompanying qualified scuba divers on various dives.

Normally and instructor will go out on 3 dives a day, 9:00am, 11:00am and 2:00pm but may also be required to stay on at the scuba shop later than two to assist any clients that may come to the store looking to arrange future dives.

Scuba diving jobs in Roatan or anywhere else for that matter require some special skills and training so it is not a job that anyone can do. If you are prepared to put the time in however then working as a scuba instructor is an amazing job which certainly provides you with a new adventure every day.

Scuba Jobs RoatanTo get qualified you will have to complete the Padi open water dive course, then complete the advanced open water dive course, before spending 3 months on an internship as a dive master. Once you have completed all of this then you can go for you instructor training and be eligible to work as a certified scuba diving instructor in Roatan or any other location you wish to work. The whole process takes around 4 or 5 months so it is not something that you can just pick up over night!

If this seems like a bit of a lengthy process then the other option for anyone looking to spend some time working abroad in Roatan is to apply for a job at one of the many bars and restaurants that you will find in both the West End and West Bay. Popular bars and restaurants to consider when looking for jobs in Roatan include the following...

Sundowners - This very cool bar is located right on the beach at the far end of the West End. It is a popular hang out every night of the week as locals and travelers come together each day to share a drink and watch the evening sunset.

Blue Marlin - This bar gets packed out later on in the evening and is a fun hangout located closer to the center of the West End. Many people will start the evening at other bars and then head to the Blue Marlin later in the evening.

Splash Inn - A popular hotel located in the heart of the West End, the Splash Inn attracts a lot of backpackers and employs a generally large number of expats and travelers.

Cannibal Cafe - offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, Cannibal Cafe is a popular spot in the West end and employs a variety of cooks, bar staff and waiting on staff.

Thirsty Turtle - lf you are looking for a place to work down in the West bay then the Thirsty Turtle is one of the most popular restaurants/bars. Each night it is packed out with the resort crowd who go there to enjoy karaoke, live bands and pub quiz's.

There are many other places on the island that employ seasonal workers the best option is to travel to the island with some money in reserve then ask around when you arrive. Roatan and in particular the West End is a great place to visit and if you have the opportunity to stay for an extended period and work there then you should certainly go for it.

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