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Jobs in MagalufSummer resort jobs in Magaluf generally run from early June until the end of August, however there are some additional positions that run longer than this three month period, even year round opportunities.

Located on the island of Majorca, Magaluf is a non-stop party destination that attracts thousands of young travelers each summer. The resort has several different nicknames to reflect the wild nature of this location during the summer months.

If you are interested in finding a resort job in Magaluf you should keep in mind the nature of the resort and the type of travelers you will be dealing with, basically young, fun loving, drunk guests that want nothing but all night action. This can certainly be fun as a seasonal worker but by week 6 or 8 it can start to take its toll.

When considering a summer job in Magaluf there are a couple of ways you can go about it. The first is to apply with a tour operator that recruits summer workers to help with all the resort logictics, this includes resort rep positions, resort manager positions, office staff and childcare staff. To land one of these jobs you will want to start the application process way before the summer is even close, most of the these companies will recruit staff in the early Spring and then have a series of training days to get you upto speed.

The other option is to go directly to the resort and apply for a position with one of the local businesses, this includes bars, nightclubs, restaurants and recreation/excursion companies. This option can be a little trickier and it helps if you already have some contacts out in Magaluf to get you in with an employer, even if you don't necessarily have any contacts then it is worth looking online and trying to find a contact number or email for one of the local employers and messagng them before you travel to the resort.

Accomodation in Magaluf

It is worth traveling to the resort ahead of the peak months of June - August to try and secure your accomodation. During the summer months there is a huge influx of visitors and accomodation is not only hard to find but can also become expensive. If you are looking to travel to Magaluf to find a summer resort job it is often a good idea to find a group of friends that are also interested in traveling with you as this way not only do you know someone in the resort but you can also share living expenses such as accomodation, rental cars and bills.

Qualification Required For Jobs in Magaluf

Well it really depends on what type of job you are looking for. Most jobs don't require a great deal in the way of qualification but they do expect you to be hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. If you are worried about the language barrier and not being able to speak Spanish then don't, most of the visitors to this resort come from the UK or from other European countries where they speak good English. The only positions which really require you have a good grasp of the langauge are positions such as hotel receptionist, resort manager and some office positions.

What types of Magaluf jobs are available?

Most of the summer jobs in Magaluf are customer service positions as the primary business and reason for coming to the area is tourism. You can expect to find customer service jobs such as resort representatives jobs, resort manager positions, bar staff, waiters and waitresses, sales positions (selling tours and excusions). In addition to these customer service roles there are obviously other positions for chefs/cooks, cleaners and office type positions.

When should I apply for a resort job?

Well it is nevver to early to start the application process and get the ball rolling but most companies will start recruiting staff in the late winter/early Spring months, you should certainly start applying and looking online around this time to make sure you get your application in early. Companies will often receive lots of applications for the different jobs in Magaluf so make sure you follow up on your application with phone calls and emails.

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