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Jobs in CyprusThe island of Cyprus is an incredible destination and a fantastic location to consider if you are looking into summer jobs. This historic island with amazing beaches and a history which dates back thousands of years attracts tourists from all over the world each summer.

This popular tourist island is located about 30 miles south of turkey in the eastern part of the mediterranean sea. With a warm year round climate and pristine beaches it is the perfect destination for travelers looking to kick-back, relax and soak up the sun!

One of the most well-known resorts on the island of Cyprus is Ayia Napa. Known for its non-stop all night party scene, this resort attracts thousands of young travelers each summer looking to take a break from either work or college and enjoy 24 hour bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Offering a variety of Cyprus jobs for English speakers the resort generally requires seasonal workers from around mid-May to the end of September and while it is possible to secure jobs outside of these dates, you will find that the summer months are when most tourist related employers seek to hire additional seasonal staff members.

Jobs in Ayia Napa require that you have endless reserves of energy and can keep going all day and well into the night. Most young people that come to work in Ayia Napa end up finding a position working in one of the many bars or nightclubs which are located in the resort. Bar jobs in Ayia Napa are relatively easy to come by due to the number of establishments located in the resort and the high turnover of staff during the summer season. Some of the most popular places to look for bar and club jobs include...

Castle Club - this is the largest club in the resort and is in fact the largest club on the island of Cyprus! Bar jobs, glass collectors, promotional jobs and security jobs are just some of the openings you will find at the Castle Club in Ayia Napa.

Club Ice - with a capacity of nearly 2000 and a state of the art sound and lighting system. Working at club ice will provide a non-stop environment where every night is different. Jobs at Club Ice in Ayia Napa are extremely popular due to the quality of the club so be sure to apply early in the season if you want to land a summer job here.

Soho Club - working at Soho Club will give you the opportunity to work with a slightly more sophisticated cliental. This popular club only opened in 2010 but has become a hugely popular destination and is a fun place to find a summer job.

For bar jobs you are best looking in and around the main square where you will find no shortage of popular bars looking for summer workers. Most bar jobs in Ayia Napa don't require a great deal of experience as most owners are willing to train you and worry more about finding staff that are trustworthy and reliable rather than how much experience they have.

If the thought of spending every night working in a club or bar doesn't appeal to you then there are a number of other options. Jobs in Cyprus hotels are another great way to find summer work on the island and with the huge volume of travelers that come here each year there certainly aren't any shortage of hotel jobs in Cyprus. The range of hotels is also very diverse from low end backpacker hostels right the way through to top 5 star resorts. The great thing about working in a Hotel in Cyprus is that often the hotel owners will allow you to stay for free at the hotel and also you will be able to enjoy the hotel amenities at some hotels when you are not working.

The island is very popular with travelers from the UK and Island so a lot of the bars, restaurants and clubs are English owned by ex pats who have relocated to Cyprus. Jobs for English speakers here are readily available as many of the tourists who visit each year are English speaking and a lot of the establishments looking for staff our English owned.

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