Working Abroad: Teaching Sports Across the Globe

If you love sports and traveling then there are plenty of opportunities across the world for you to combine the two. Coaching different sports is a perfect way to travel while working and doing something that you love, and gives you a ton of choices. All corners of the earth offer fantastic prospects, whether you want to volunteer and coach football to disadvantaged kids or become a paid instructor for ski and snowboard seasons. No matter which country you would want to go to and no matter which sport you want to take with you, there is something out there for everyone so take your pick!

Volunteering Sports Projects:

Wherever you go across the world, you will always find people who love sports. Most sports programs take place with children in underprivileged schools in parts of the developing world. You’ll find that sport is a great way to bring people and communities together, so bringing it to those disadvantaged in the world is a truly inspiring and unique experience. Not only do sports teach children team skills, giving them a sense of team spirit, but it also teaches them essential skills such as communication and social skills. It can therefore have a really positive effect on under-privileged children both physically and emotionally, to help them develop into happy and healthy individuals. It is therefore a perfect opportunity to take children away from negativity and poverty but place them into a world of positivist and high spirit. 

There are so many sports to choose from to coach from football, cricket and netball to baseball, swimming and tennis in countries such as Brazil, Ghana, India, South Africa and Kenya. Taking part in the development of the teams and clubs as not only a leader but as a team member will be a great source of pride and achievement, especially seeing the difference it makes to each individual child and the community as a whole. Sports coaching volunteering can also give you a fantastic chance to travel to the most exciting and vibrant parts of the world, letting you experience a wide range of unique and exceptional cultures. 

Ski and Snowboarding Seasons:

If you’re looking to earn some money while working with sports abroad, then ski and snowboarding seasons are the perfect choice for you. Each and every season there are amazing opportunities for you to become a ski or snowboarding instructor all over the world, from European resorts in France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria to Canada and the USA. There are so many courses available to become a skiing or snowboarding instructor to enable you to teach all over the world in any resort with an  internationally recognized qualification. An instructor internship will enable you to become a certified instructor and start teaching snow sports immediately. 

Working as an instructor within a ski and snowboarding resort is another great chance to do some exploring of the world in the snow and in the mountains. Not only do you get the opportunity to ski and snowboard some of the most desired slopes in the world, but you also get the chance to mountaineer in your free time. Follow in the footsteps of  Edmund Hillary , one of the world’s most famous mountaineers by reaching the top of Mount Everest and taking in the breathtaking views before you board back down. It may be hard work as a ski and boarding instructor, but it is definitely all worth it when you’re seeing some of the best snowy sights in the world. People may ask why get a ski job? But the possibilities are endless once you’ve completed a  season on the mountains. It gives you the opportunity to meet different people who have the same passion as you do, while experiencing a new culture first hand. 

Whichever sport you want to take across the world, there is definitely something out there for everybody no matter where you want to go. There are tones of volunteering opportunities to get under-privileged kids into sports in loads of countries, but there are also loads of chances to get paid abroad too. With skiing and snowboarding resorts, instructing overseas is a fantastic opportunity to share your passion across the globe. 

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