Teach English in Costa Rica

Teach English in Costa RicaCosta Rica is a wonderful country to travel to if you are considering Teaching English Abroad. There are numerous opportunities to teach English in Costa Rica and a variety of programs which will help you gain your TEFL certification.

Costa Rica is the ideal place if you live for the outdoors and love to explore different habitats and landscapes. It offers amazing beaches, dense jungle and mountainous areas complete with active volcanoes.

Every place you visit in Costa Rica will be an adventure and you will encounter all kinds of different animals and species, including turtles, crocodiles, monkeys, butterflies and a wide range of different birds. On both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts you will find amazing beach locations offering long stretches of sandy beaches.

Most people arriving in Costa Rica will arrive via one of the two major airports or Liberia and San Jose. The airport in San Jose provides great access to the capital city and is only about 15 minutes from the center of San Jose. The airport in Liberia is a great option for getting to the many different beach resorts on the Guanacaste peninsula and for accessing the popular area around Arenal.

TEFL Certification Costa Rica

There are a number of different TEFL certification programs in Costa rica. If you are looking to get certified in the capital city of San Jose then you will find a popular choice is the TEFL school located in San Pedro which is just about 15 minutes to the east of the city in a pleasant neighborhood close to many shops, restaurants and the university of Costa Rica. This TEFL school has been established for many years and has a good reputation for running quality courses and helping graduates to secure TEFL jobs in Costa Rica once they have graduated.

Away from the hustle and bustle of San Jose you will find another option in the small beach town of Playa Samara. This beautiful little beach town is home to many local ticos and ex-pats that have relocated to Costa Rica in search of a more relaxed lifestyle. The small town consists of a couple of small streets and a number of restaurants, bars and hotels. It is a popular tourist destination in Costa Rica but is not overly developed like some of the other Costa Rica beach resorts such as Tamarindo or Jaco. The course offered Samara beach TEFL course generally runs for around 4 weeks and is an intensive course which involves classroom sessions and hands on practical teaching to help graduates gain the skills required to hopefully secure one of the various TEFL jobs Costa Rica has to offer once they have graduated.

Accommodation for TEFL Courses

TEFL Jobs Costa RicaMost TEFL training courses will offer 3 different types of options when it comes to accommodation. You can either go for the home stay program where you will be housed with a local family who will provide accommodation and laundry facilities for you, this is often the cheapest way to go but it can be a little hit or miss as to whether you get placed in a good home. Typically the Costa Rican's (Ticos) are very welcoming and you will be made to feel right at home by the host family you stay with.

The second option is to go with shared accommodation, most of the TEFL courses in Costa Rica have partnerships with local hostels and hotels and will be able to place you in this type of accommodation with other participants of the course. The third option is to get you own private apartment or condo, again the course organizers will generally have a list of landlords that they work with and will usually be able to get you a good deal on your own please. Be careful with this option as some local landlords will try to hike the prices up to see how much they can get out of you and will also try to charge you for various things which were never discussed prior to you moving into the apartment.

TEFL Jobs Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica is not as under developed as some countries it is still not as economically strong as many of the most developed nations. Therefore jobs in general are relatively low paid and with so many people looking to travel to the country right now to work in TEFL Jobs the competition can be quite high meaning employers can get away with paying you less for the position.

Most of the TEFL jobs Costa Rica has available are located in the countries capital city of San Jose. The city is a lively location with all kinds of different activities to enjoy. You will find a variety of different bars, restaurants, shops located in the capital so there is no shortage of activities to keep you entertained.

Away from the capital city most of the action and popular visitor destinations are on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Some of the most popular locations include Flamingo, Tamarindo, Samara and Jaco. In these areas TEFL jobs can be harder to find but there are always different opportunities popping up, one good option is to try and work with local hotels to help educate staff members so that they can communicate better with English speaking visitors that travel to Costa Rica.

TEFL Costa Rica certainly is a great way to travel to this wonderful country and the certification you gain here through your TEFL course can be transferred anywhere in the world that you wish to travel to. If you want to Teach English in Costa Rica we are sure you will have the experience of a lifetime and will certainly grow from the experience of living and working in such an amazing country.

Interested in finding out more about places to work in Costa Rica? Check out the following aricle on finding Jobs in Samara beach, Costa Rica.


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