TEFL Cape Town, South Africa

TEFL Cape TownThe iconic city of Cape Town is a remarkable destination to visit whether you are traveling there for leisure or to look into opportunities to teach English in South Africa.

With Table Mountain located right in the middle of the city and fantastic beaches and vineyards surrounding the city it is a great destination to explore.

The city does still however bare the scares from apartheid and crime is something you need to be aware of when visiting this destination. The country has developed a great deal in many years and as long as you use some common sense and avoid areas that are not the safest parts of town you will be fine.

TEFL Cape Town

When it comes to TEFL, Cape Town has a number of great options that will help you develop the skills required to be a successful English teacher. One of the best choices for a great experience and fantastic tuition is Good Hope Studies. This organization is a privately owned English language school with fantastic facilities and a group of highly experienced and qualified staff members.

Good Hope Studies has two locations to choose from, one in the center of Cape Town and the other in the Newlands area. They offer a number of courses throughout the year and have a number of resources and contacts to help students find employment when they have completed their English language course.

TEFL Courses South Africa

In addition to the popular destination of Cape Town there are also several other great cities that you can take your TEFL course in while visiting South Africa, these include...

Durban - located on the eastern side of the country and offering miles of beautiful beaches. The city is a popular tourist destination for many South Africans looking for a break on the beach. In Durban you will find all kinds of amenities such as bars and hotels, surf schools and other tourist attractions.

Durban Language Center is a great option if you are looking to complete a TEFL course in this city. They are a well-established organization with a reputation for running high quality training courses which will give you the tools you need to pursue possible options to teach English in South Africa. Located only 5 minutes from the center of the city the school is in a great location for any potential TEFL students. They offer different courses, ranging from part time 12 week programs to intensive 4 week TEFL courses.

Johannesburg - Or Jo'Burg as it is known has grown from a small mining town into a large metropolitan city which attracts visitors from all over the world. Johannesburg is located close to the center of the country and many people consider it to be the heart of the nation. For TEFL training and course options in Johannesburg, English Access is a great choice. They are one of the longest running language schools in the city and have a great staff of highly qualified and professional instructors who will help you all the way through the TEFL training process.

Teach English in South Africa

Once you have completed your English language course then you are surely going to want to find suitable employment to help fund your stay in South Africa. There are numerous opportunities to teach English in South Africa but it often can take a little while to find the perfect position you are looking for. Most positions will receive multiple applications from other qualified TEFL instructors so it is important you apply for multiple jobs and follow up with emails and phone calls to ensure your application gets reviewed.

One thing you may want to do if you are struggling to find a paid position is to get some experience by volunteering in various programs that run English language programs in Cape Town and other parts of South Africa. Some organizations that offer volunteer programs like this include...

Global Crossroads - This is one of the fastest growing global volunteer programs and offers different opportunities to teach English in South Africa. Their programs run for various lengths of time from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Projects Abroad - Operating volunteer programs for more than 20 years, Projects abroad runs all kinds of different volunteer programs including English teaching programs in South Africa. They are a great resource if you are looking to find volunteer projects to teach in South Africa.

MozVolunteers - Is a small organization based in South Africa which runs various community programs in the poorest parts of the country. They have a number of English language programs that help children and adults develop their English language skills.

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