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Soccer Camp JobsSpending a summer working as a soccer coach at various soccer camps in the USA was such an amazing experience. I was a little nervous before traveling to the States and was unsure exactly what to expect but can safely say it was the best experience of my life!

I have played soccer all my life and coach part time for a local club. During the summer break from university I decided that I would head out to the states and work at a summer camp.

I did some research online to find the best summer soccer camp jobs and applied to a few different companies. Most of the companies got back in touch and were great to work with. I decided that I would go for one of the larger companies known as UK International Soccer Camps. They are based on the West Coast in Southern California but have soccer camps which run throughout the US.

After my initial contact I then had to go for a formal interview with one of their staff members based in the UK before I was offered a position. They were very helpful in assisting me with the paperwork that I needed to complete to apply for my J-1 summer camp visa, this was a bit of a pain but was required to travel to the States and work out there for the summer.

Soccer Camp Host FamilyIn early June I traveled out to America and flew into Los Angeles, from here I traveled to the companies head office in Redlands were we took part in a 2 day training/induction where we went over a number of the different aspects of the summer camp process and logistical information for the summer camp assignments. This was very helpful and made me feel way more comfortable than if we would have just arrived and been sent off on our way. Part way through the two day induction we were given our 'cluster' assignments, this is basically the group of coaches that you will be working with at the soccer camps.

My cluster was assigned to the northern California region and we were given a car and directions then sent on our merry way at the end of the induction. It was a bit of a long drive from the head office to our first soccer camp in Sacramento but we would soon get used to these drives! All of the guys in our group had never had soccer camp jobs in the US before, with the exception of one guy who was the director and let us new guys know exactly what was going on.

This would be the format for the entire summer, with a Sunday drive from one destination to another destination. Drives could range in duration from 45 minutes up to several hours. Our cluster was lucky and go to stay together for almost all of the summer so we could really build up some strong friendships but others were not quite as fortunate and got moved around all the time depending on where coaches were needed.

When we arrived in Sacramento, we met up with the local contact who was coordinating the camp. He was a parent who volunteered for the local soccer club and they would sponsor the camp each year. We then received our family housing assignments and went off with the families we were staying with. I was very nervous about the whole family housing situation but this was a remarkable experience and I still keep in contact with many families to this day. The US people in general are very friendly and welcoming and the host families took it to another level, we would have bbq's every night, get taken out wake boarding and water skiing, taken to baseball and basketball games. It was just such a great experience and one of the highlights of the whole summer.

The next morning was out first camp and we had around 60 kids out there. It was a decent sized camp and each of us had about 12 - 15 kids in our group. We would work on basic skills with players such as passing, dribbling and shooting, then finish each day with a fun tournament. The camp would run for 3 hours, typically 9:00 - Noon and then we would be done for the day!

This was the format for the entire summer with us coaching Mon - Fri from 9:00 - Noon, enjoying the afternoons and evenings with our host families and other coaches then traveling to the next destination on the weekend. We traveled all over northern California, up to Oregon and across to Nevada. The whole experience of the summer was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the game of soccer, likes to work with kids and wants to have a fun summer job traveling around the US.

At the end of the program we had a month to stay out in the US and travel around, during this time we spent more time in Southern California checking out all of the sites in LA, and went back to visit several of the families that we had stayed with earlier on in the summer.

Soccer Camp Jobs - USA

If you are interested in working in the US at a soccer camp then here are a couple of companies to consider approaching..

UK International Soccer Camps - This is one of the biggest companies in the US and brings across several hundred coaches each summer. They are based in Southern California but have camps in multiple states.

UK Elite - Based on the East Coast you will find UK Elite Soccer Camps. They are a smaller company based in and around the New York areas.

Vision Soccer Training - Another smaller company is Vision Soccer Training, they are located in Northern California in the capital city of Sacramento. They run numerous camps throughout the Sacramento area.

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