San Francisco J1 Summer Jobs

J1 Summer Jobs San FranciscoSan Francisco is one of the most iconic cities in America, if not the world and is a wonderful place to spend the summer working if you are visiting the United States on a J1 visa.

Located in Northern California the city is a bustling, non-stop city which has been used as the back drop for all kinds of movies and TV shows.

Each summer thousands of individuals from all over the world arrive looking to find San Francisco J1 summer jobs. Competition for work can be tough as not only are you competing with other international visitors but also US students looking for a fun summer job.

Best Places To Look For J1 Summer Jobs in San Francisco

This famous city is packed out during the summer with tourists from all over the world coming to see the famous sites the city has to offer. Therefore you will find a massive rise in job opportunities for businesses which are related to the tourist industry. Here are some ideas for the best areas to find a J1 summer job:-

Fisherman's Wharf - This is the main tourist area in San Francisco and is full everyday throughout the summer with tourists from every country imaginable. The wharf, and the surrounding area, has numerous restaurants, bars and shops. Each of them normally hire additional staff to help them out through the busy summer months. The Hard Rock Cafe, Wipeout Grill and Pier Market Seafood are just a couple of the restaurants on the wharf that hire additional staff for the summer.

Fisherman's Wharf is just one small area and in the surrounding streets you will find all kinds of restaurants, coffee shops and bars which have summer openings, so don't just isolate your search to directly on the wharf.

Museums and Aquariums - San Francisco is home to many great museums and the aquarium of the bay. These places are busy during the summer with families who are visiting the city. You can often find a variety of different jobs available. To work in these types of organizations you must have great customer service skills and it also helps if you have some experience working with kids.

Giants Baseball Stadium - Not exactly a tourist spot but still always busy during the summer baseball season is the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium, with games going on almost everyday through the summer. Like any major sports stadium it requires individuals to fill all kinds of different positions from ticket sales, to security and hospitality. For information on jobs available during the summer visit their web site and look at the current job openings.

Tour Companies - You can do almost any tour imaginable in San Francisco, including bike tours, segway tours, whale watching tours, trips to Alcatraz and tours of the bay. Many of these tour companies need summer staff to help them in a variety of roles. Again, good customer service skills are very important and you must be able to work well under pressure. The Blue and Gold Fleet is one of the big tour companies and you will find they have all kinds of summer jobs open to J1 participants working in San Francisco.

Where To Stay For The Summer

Unfortunately with San Francisco being such a popular city to visit things can get a little crowded during the summer and unlike other US cities such as Chicago and New York, most of the accommodation is located in quite a small area and is certainly limited. This means that although San Francisco is a wonderful city to spend the summer in, it can be quite expensive. There are however a few options:-

San Francisco J1 JobsSummer Of Love Shared Accommodation - One great option is the summer of love. This is a cool, student focused property which offers shared accommodation at an affordable price. Each room is clean and you have access to things like wifi and laundry. Space is limited though so plan ahead and contact them well in advance of the summer.

Craigslist - Craigsist is a massive classified web site in the United States and you can find almost anything on there. One great feature is its accommodation listings. You will most likely not be looking for your own apartment but one of the shared options which are listed on the site. Be careful with Craigslist though it often has a variety of different scams going on so watch out.

Air BnB - This is an awesome web site, not just for San Francisco but anywhere that you go. Basically individuals can set up and account and if they have an apartment or spare room to list they advertise it on this site. The great thing is people get to rate listings and the property owners so you can see who has had positive feedback and who to stay away from.

Stay Across The Bay - Another option, but probably not quite as fun, is to stay across the bay in somewhere like Berkeley. This is a very cool college town just outside of San Francisco and it is possible to use public transport to get in to the city. The BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train runs directly from Berkeley to San Francisco every few minutes so it is still easy to get in and out of the city but accommodation is often cheaper and easier to find in an area like this which is a little way out of the downtown area.

Getting Your J1 Summer Visa

Make sure you get your J1 visa BEFORE traveling to the US. You must obtain this visa in order to work in America and it is not that hard. You can apply through a number of different agencies which are sponsored by the US government - J1 Summer Visa Organizations you will be required to fill in quite a bit of paperwork and also go for an interview at the US embassy in your home country but it is not a big deal.

Don't wait until close to the summer to start this application as the process can be quite time consuming and the closer you get to the summer, the longer the wait is for an interview at the US embassy.

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