Summer Jobs in Madeira and Portugal

Jobs in CyprusSummer jobs in Portugal and Madeira offer you a great chance to explore a wonderful country. From the beautiful Algarve area to the historic capital of Lisbon and other cities such as Porto. Portugal is an amazing country and a great destination for anyone that loves to explore beautiful beach, historic cities and a culture that is fascinating.

The island of Madeira is located around 600 miles to the south east of Portugal and is Portuguese owned. This island has a huge tourist industry and attracts thousands of visitors each summer.

Both Portugal and the island of Madeira offer a variety of different summer jobs and are great destinations to explore. Some of the most popular destinations for summer jobs in Madeira and other parts of Portugal include the following locations.

Algarve Jobs, Portugal

Located in the south western corner of the country you will find the beautiful area of known as the Algarve. This destination is famous for having fantastic beaches with crystal clear water and is a paradise for sports enthusiasts especially golfers who will find no shortage of championship courses in this area. Jobs in the Algarve area give you the opportunity to experience this part of Portugal for a more lengthy period of time than most travelers. Most jobs during the peak summer months are filled quickly as there are no shortage of seasonal workers looking to spend the summer working in this beautiful part of the country. Many of the hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs will employ staff members during the months of June, July and August. There are also many Algarve summer jobs available at the numerous sports facilities that are located in this area, including golf courses, soccer training complexes and aquatics centers. Jobs at these locations can even be a year round position as many facilities attract sports enthusiasts from colder climates during the winter months.

If you are considering summer jobs in the Algarve region you will most probably fly directly into Faro. This is the main airport which serves the Algarve region and from here you will be able to easily access the numerous beach resorts located in this area. The great thing about working in the Algarve is that it attracts such a variety of visitors from young people looking to have a good time and party all night, to families and retired couples.

Some of the most popular resorts for summer workers in the Algarve include, Largos, Sagres, Burgau, Albufeira, Vila Real de Santo António and Faro. All of these popular destinations experience a major influx of visitors during the summer months and offer a variety of jobs.

Summer Jobs Madeira

Madeira is one of the top tourist destinations in europe and is extremely popular with travelers from the UK and Ireland which makes it a great place to find a summer job if you don't speak Portuguese. Offering amazing scenery and a perfect climate for summer holidays Madeira is a popular destination for season workers looking to spend the summer months working in this fantastic destination. Most summer jobs in Madeira are filled by young college students and other people taking a career break and looking to send an extended period working in a summer beach resort destination.

Madeira has some of the best hotels and resorts you will find anywhere in the world, including the famous Reid's Palace. During summer months most of these hotels will employ additional staff members to help with the influx of visitors. Positions offered include customer service roles such as waitresses and waiters in hotel restaurants, bar staff, front desk positions and housekeeping jobs. The type of role you can really apply for will depend on your experience, qualifications and grasp of the Portuguese language.

Some of the most popular places to look for summer jobs in Madeira include Funchal. This stylish and sophisticated city located on the south side of the island has a perfect year round warm climate and is a very cosmopolitan resort offering a range of high end hotels and resorts to pamper travelers that visit this destination.

Funchal may not be known as an all-night party destination similar to some other resorts in europe but it certainly does have a fun range of evening activities to keep most partygoers happy. After midnight the main bars and nightclubs come alive and keep visitors entertained until the small hours of the morning.

Portugal is a great country to visit and spend time as a season worker. Once you are finished with you summer job in Portugal be sure to save some time to visit some of the other regions of the country located away from the beach. The two cities of Lisbon and Porto are amazing destinations and certainly something you should consider seeing while traveling to the country of Portugal.

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