Summer Resort Jobs in Ibiza

Ibiza is certainly one of the top summer resort destinations not only in europe but anywhere in the world. The resort is known for its 24 hour a day party scene with young people coming from around the globe to enjoy a crazy couple of weeks partying in the sun.

Working in Ibiza during the summer is an amazing way to have an extended period living in the resort, meet all kinds of cool people and also get paid! The are literally hundreds and hundreds of different job opportunities in the summer month. The most popular ones are centered around the bar and nightclub scene with many establishments hiring bar staff, security, shot girls, marketing staff. These jobs might not be the highest paid positions you will ever find but if you can earn some cash during the summer and spend it in a destination like Ibiza who cares!

A word of warning, working in a resort and going to a resort on holiday are two totally separate things! Yes you will have the time of your life but you will be working in the resort and not laying around by the swimming pool, well not everyday anyway!

Hopefully the information here will help you decide if spending a summer in Ibiza is for you and how you can go about applying.

Ibiza Resorts - Most people who have heard of Ibiza are generally only familiar with San Antonio, with it's world famous mega clubs this location is the number one spot for the young, party hard crowd that come to the island each summer.

There is however much more to the island than just San Antonio. Ibiza Town is another hugely popular resort which attracts high profile celebrities from all over the world. It is also a lively destination with all kinds of bars and clubs which keep guests entertained all night long and offer great opportunities for individuals looking for summer jobs in Ibiza.

Playa d-en Bosa, which is just to the south of Ibiza Town boasts the longest beach of any resort in Ibiza and is another very popular resort for travelers and summer workers. Several high profile clubs can be found in the resort. If you want to be close to the action but have a little bit of piece and quiet then Talamanca is a great spot to spend the summer. It is only a 15 minute walk from all the action in Ibiza town and offers a beautiful beach and a variety of affordable apartments for summer workers. If you are looking to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ibiza but want to be in a more tranquill setting then Puerto San Miguel on the northern part of the island might be the perfect spot for you. Santa Eularia is a more family friendly atmosphere. The resort has plenty going on with all kinds of bars and restaurants but is focused more on the family crowd. This is another great option for summer workers with plenty of jobs and a more laid back pace.

Popular Summer Jobs in Ibiza

Most people considering working in Ibiza want to be involved in the lively resorts offering all night entertainment and some of the best DJ's and clubs on the planet. here are some of the most popular jobs you will find in all of the main party resorts.

Nightclub Ticket Ticket Sales - Do you have a great personality and a gift for selling things? If so then working as a club tickets sales representative might be just what you have been looking for. This is a popular job, each summer individuals are hired by the top clubs to get out there in the streets, on the beaches and anywhere else in the resort where they can connect with travelers and sell tickets to their particular club. This is hard work and it takes a special personality to approach random people and try to persuade them into coming to your club but it can be a decent paying job and is a great way to meet new people who are in town for a week or two on holiday. In addition to making a decent salary this is also a day time position so you are free of a nighttime to enjoy the party scene yourself!

PR's - In this resort role you will work of an evening chatting with groups who are out to party and trying to persuade them to come to the bar you ar representing. It is similar to ticket sales but most pr's work for bars and don't have to sell anything to individuals, just simply get them in the bar! Your pay will vary depending on your success rate but you will also get free drinks while you are working, not a bad gig at all!

Shot Drink Sellers - All of the big clubs have pre-party staff members mingling with guests helping them get in the mood by selling shots! In this role you are working in a club or bar and enjoying the full party environment. You can also earn decent commission with you receiving payment for each shot that you sell.

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