Jobs in Greek Islands and other Summer Jobs in Greece

Jobs in Greek IslandsGreece and the Greek Island in particular are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With over 200 islands surrounded by clear blue water and surrounded by white sandy beaches it can be hard trying to figure out just exactly which island you would like to visit when considering a job in the Greek Islands.

Although, as we have already stated, there are over 200 islands most of the tourism and most of the jobs available in the Greek Islands are located on a select few islands which experience huge tourist numbers during the summer months.

Greek Island jobs are offered by all kinds of companies from large travel companies who are looking to hire hundreds of staff for the peak summer months right down to the local greek restaurant that needs a couple of staff members throughout the summer months.

When considering the type of summer jobs in Greece and the Greek Islands that might be a good fit for you it is important to first of all think about what you want out of the experience and what skills and qualities you offer. Some jobs require you work non stop and have little time off but make decent money and others may require less of a time commitment but then the pay is obviously not as much. Some positions, such as a if you were working as a resort rep in the Greek Islands, require you to be great at interacting with other people and dealing with stressful situations. While other positions like working as a cook or chef in a local restaurant don't really require these same people skills.

Most resort positions will last anywhere from a few weeks up to a couple of months or a year. It is important to think about this before applying for jobs in Greece to ensure you can commit to the length of time that the employer is looking for. It is also very important to look into visa requirements to work in Greece and make sure you are eligible to work in this country before you start applying for any jobs in the Greek Islands.

Popular Resorts Offering Greek Island Jobs

Crete - This is the largest of the Greek Islands and has something to offer for everyone, from pristine beaches to quiet old towns and bustling resorts. This is an extremely popular tourist destination and each summer you will will find no shortage of jobs in Crete, if you want to spend the season working on this Island. Crete is home to Malia, one of the top party resorts in europe, and there is certainly no shortage of summer jobs in Malia.

Rhodes - Here you will find non stop action especially in the party resort areas. Many bars and clubs operate late into the night through the summer months. If that isn't your scene then there are plenty of fantastic beaches to explore and many other local cultural activities to enjoy.

Kos - This is the third largest of the Greek Islands and second most popular tourist island after Rhodes, therefore there's plenty of options when considering a summer job in Kos. The island of Kos can offer a relaxing beach or crazy night out, whatever level of activity you are looking for is available on Kos.

Corfu - Attracting thousands of tourists each year Corfu certainly is one of the top tourist destinations anywhere in the greek Islands. Steeped in tradition and offering numerous beaches to relax, landing one of the many summer jobs in Corfu certainly is a great way to spend the summer months and explore a wonderful island.

Mykonos - Sunbath by day and party at night, that is the motto in Mykonos! With amazing beaches, glorious sunshine and nightlife that rivals other major resorts such as Ibiza and Magaluf, Mykonos is a particularly popular destination among the young and rowdy crowd. With the on going action and numerous bars and clubs there is not normally a problem finding a summer job in Mykonos.

Santorini - If your idea of the perfect summer job is working in a relaxing resort with wonderful sunsets and luxury hotels then Santorini might be the perfect fit for you. Its dramatic landscape an breathtaking volcanic vistas make it a great place to visit either on your summer holiday or for the season working in a summer job in Santorini.

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