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Each year thousands of travelers visit Australia and backpack their way around this wonderful country. Main of the travelers visiting the country pay for these adventures by seeking employment in the many fruit picking jobs Australia has to offer. This really is a wonderful diverse country with amazing features, landscape and culture, from cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and Perth to scuba diving spots like the barrier reef and natural wonders such as Ayers rock Australia really does have so much to see.

Agriculture in Australia is a massive industry and in addition to the many year round farm jobs there are also thousands of seasonal picking jobs for those people who aren't worried about a bit of hard work and don't mind getting their hands dirty. The diverse landscape and climate in Australia means it is a great place to grow all kinds of diverse fruits including peaches, kiwi's, nectarines, apples, grapes, cherries, plums and a variety of berries.

Most farms, orchards and vineyards attract fruit pickers who are looking to earn some extra cash while they are in a certain area before moving on to their next adventure. Many of the employers in Australia will have large bunk house style accommodation for the workers who are picking fruit and this is not only a great bonus in terms of saving you money on accommodation but is also a great way to make new friends and companions to enjoy your travels with.

The great thing about Australia is that with the huge diversity in fruits that need harvesting here there is a demand for pickers year round. Some of the different states and regions offering fruit picking jobs include...

Queensland Fruit Picking Jobs

Known as the sunshine state Queensland attracts many backpackers every year and offers all kinds of different picking work. There are over 100 different types of fruits and vegetables grown in this state and nearly 30% of the countries fruits and vegetables come from this region. Located in the north-east of the country Queensland is an extremely popular destination and with amazing beaches and almost year round sunshine it is not hard to understand why.

New South Wales Picking Jobs

Picking jobs in New South Wales are offered extensively from November to April, with a huge demand for seasonal picking staff in the peak month of February. When you are not picking fruit in New South Wales there are all kinds of amazing adventures to take part in, with rugged landscape offering great hiking, kayaking, bungee jumping plus many more fun outdoor activities.

Fruit Picking Victoria

With the fun city of Melbourne at its center and endless miles of beautiful coastline Victoria is a great option when looking into fruit picking jobs in Australia. Just like NSW this region as an abundance of picking jobs available between the months of November and April picking all kinds of different fruits and vegetables. The area around the Murray river is a popular place to look for seasonal picking work with the main fruits in this part of Victoria being various orchard fruits.

Northern Territory

Another area with a variety of picking jobs is the Northern Territory with citrus and bananas grown all year round seasonal picking work can become year round opportunities. This area has some amazing wildlife, great national parks and of course the famous Ayers rock. The Northern Territory is a must on the backpacking circuit and you will surely not be disappointed with the time you spend in this fantastic location.

Western Australia Fruit Picking

Occupying the entire western third of the nation this State is home to some of the most friendly people in the country, some great fishing and other outdoor activities and the ever expanding city of Perth. From October to June is probably the busiest harvest time in this region with farms, orchards and vineyards all offering various fruit picking jobs.

If you want to get a head start on the rest of the travelers be sure to keep a close eye on our Job Board which highlights the latest Australia fruit picking jobs as well as many other great seasonal job opportunities around the world.

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