Teach English in Argentina

Argentina is a vast country with so much to see and do. It really is a special place to visit with warm and welcoming residents, the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires and amazing landscape features such as Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier.

With so much to see and do here Teaching English in Argentina is a great way to stay for an extended period and visit many of these wonderful parts of the country.

Most of the population of Argentina is centered around the huge and pulsating city of Buenos Aires. If you like fast paced no stop city action then Buenos Aires is surely the right fit for you. This sprawling city has so much to keep you entertained including many great bars and restaurants, tango shows, arts and crafts fairs, amazing architecture, museums and of course football, futbol or soccer depending on where in the world you come from.

If you are unfamiliar with Argentina the best place to start your visit is in Buenos Aires and you will find that most of the opportunities to teach English in Argentina can be found in the capital city. In addition to TEFL jobs Buenos Aires also is the home of TEFL Buenos Aires where you can gain you TEFL certification which will allow you to then apply for various jobs.

TEFL Buenos Aires

If you want to get TEFL certified then TEFL international Buenos Aires is a great starting point. Located on the main city road of Avenida De Mayo you will find the headquarters of TEFL international Buenos Aires, this is a fantastic venue to learn all that you need to be a successful English teacher in Buenos Aires. Avenida De Mayo is a huge avenue with around 14 lanes which never seems to quieten down, well maybe a little when there is a major soccer game taking place! In this area you will find all kinds of great amenities such as street front cafes, bars, restaurants, museums and other examples of amazing architecture. For more information on the TEFL certification courses offered by TEFL international Buenos Aires we would recommend emailing - info@teflbuenosaires.com.

About the Certification Process

TEFL Buenos AiresTEFL Buenos Aiis similar to any other TEFL courses you will find in other locations. Typically the program will run for around 4 weeks and this will include around 120 hours of instruction and several hours of hands on practical teaching experience to prepare you for your Teaching job when you complete the course. Currently TEFL international Buenos Aires charges around $1800 for this course but that doesn't include any airfare to get to the country or accommodation.

In addition to TEFL international Buenos Aires there are also several other top TEFL certification programs in Buenos Aires. The other options include...

Expanish - Located in the Centro area of the city Expanish is a popular choice among many people seeking to get TEFL certified. Originally established as a Spanish language school Expanish has expanded its services so that it now offers a high quality TEFL program offering over 150 hours of instructional time and hands on practical training in a classroom. In addition to the TEFL course the organization also arranges fun excursions for students to local tango shows, arts and crafts markets and other fun activities.

Ibero School Argentina - If you want to be in the middle of the action and experience a fun and informative TEFL course in Buenos Aires then Ibero school Argentina is a great option. Located right in the center of the city next to the famous Obelisk monument you will find Ibero school Argentina. With a close attention to detail and a constant focus on providing the best instructional techniques Ibero school Argentina certainly is one of the top places to obtain your TEFL certification in Buenos Aires.

Mente Argentina - Offering an all-inclusive program which includes tuition, accommodation and even a mobile phone for your time in Argentina Mente Argentina is another popular choice among students looking to gain the TEFL credentials. Located in the fashionable district of Recoleta with its high end shops and numerous bars and restaurants this is a great part of the city to be located in. A friendly and experienced group of staff members conduct monthly courses which provide the necessary tools for anyone looking to get qualified and Teach English in Buenos Aires.

TEFL Jobs in Argentina

Once you have your TEFL certification in hand you are then free to head off and find that perfect you you have been looking for teaching English in Argentina. Now although this is a vast country you will find that most of the English teaching jobs in Argentina are situated in and around Buenos Aires.

More and more Argentines are recognizing the importance of grasping the English language to help develop their career prospects, especially if they wish to travel abroad or work for large corporations which are based in English speaking countries. Therefore there are many different job opportunities available right now. Many of these are with large companies that provide free classes for their employees so that they can work on developing their English skills. Other opportunities are available in a variety of private school which run English language classes for anyone that would wish to attend. There are also a number of programs aimed at helping children develop their English skills.

One of the best reasons for taking a TEFL course in Argentina, in you wish to work in the country, is that most certification programs will have contacts with employers in the country and will therefore be able to assist you in applying for jobs. There is no guarantee that you will get a job at the end of the TEFL certification process but having the organization you trained with assist you certainly is a bonus.

Now is a great time to Teach English in Argentina, the economy is growing and many people are looking to get a better grasp of the English language. Regardless of where in the country you travel you are certain to encounter warm and friendly locals that will be extremely hospitable. If you decide to Teach English in Buenos Aires and like city life then you will quite possibly have the best experience of your life, and like so many other, find it very hard to ever leave this amazing city.

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